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When I met her it was amazing

I couldn't move on from her. I never could. She is like one person I care about the most. I don't even know how I got that lucky to get so lucky that I got to be that one tiny... Continue Reading →

Today I saw her

I saw her today at confectionery shop. In my university campus. She is in different course. She was purchasing milk and me too. I saw her. She was so charming. I haven't seen anyone so charming. The smile she had... Continue Reading →

I miss the light in my life, I miss every smile in my life, When I miss you, I look back at the moments we spent, When I miss you, I look at stars. I don't know why I miss... Continue Reading →

​ You want to get successful. You want money. You want to be rich. Just realize for a moment will money make you're heart happy? Will you get that peace? In today’s fast-paced world, we are all in a hurry.... Continue Reading →

How much you mean to me

​I still remember the first day we met We were too shy to say much at all It's funny to think back to that time Because now we're having a ball! I'm glad that God blessed me, With a good... Continue Reading →

A letter to my best friend

My best friend, I have been with you for long time. I trust you blindly now. I love you're company. I feel lucky to have you. I am blessed with you. I love you so much I don't know where... Continue Reading →

One person : My mother!

​Small i was, With tiny little hands, Curious eyes, Round cheeks, Bald head, Hungry stomach, Sensitive nature, Cute smile. One person, Only she made me look unique as a child. One person, Only she saw me as, The most amazing... Continue Reading →

A Life without you…

​Sometimes i feel bad, Coz I imagine a life where you, i never had. Sometimes i feel sad, Coz i think of the time, when you won't be there to hold my hand. A life without you, Would be like... Continue Reading →

Time needs you to stay

I was on the road, I was liking the bruises in my mind. I went in the flashback, Flashback of the time I was with you. Being with you was my best time, Best time I could ever have in... Continue Reading →

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