​Small i was,

With tiny little hands,

Curious eyes,

Round cheeks,

Bald head,

Hungry stomach,

Sensitive nature,

Cute smile.

One person,

Only she made me look unique as a child.

One person,

Only she saw me as,

The most amazing thing.

My mother is the one who made me what i am today.

As i grew up,

My needs increased,

Went to school,

Met new people,

Started to like them,

Thought i got a better company,

Thought i got a better home with people called friends.

So wrong i was.

One person,

Only she was the one who made sacrifices for me.

One person,

Only she knew what is better for me.

My mother is the one who made me what i am today.

Now i am no more a teenager,

I know what’s wrong and good for me,

I know who is my friend who isn’t,

But i still need my mother to guide me through life.

I may look bad to some people,

Some may not like me,

Still she takes me as the most amazing thing for her,

She held me when i was down,

She made me happy cause that made her smile,

She lived a life to fulfill my dreams,

She did everything in her life for my happiness,

I feel guilty for every reason i made her cry.

One person,

Only she is the best person in my life,

I am proud to be her son,

Yes, my mother made me what i am today.

I love my mother everday…

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