I saw her today at confectionery shop. In my university campus. She is in different course. She was purchasing milk and me too. I saw her. She was so charming. I haven’t seen anyone so charming. The smile she had was out of this world. I was lost in her eyes for a second. I recognized her. She has been my Facebook friend for over a year but we never had a chat. I also follow her on Instagram and I asked her if we could be friends. She explained that she is a reserved person. She don’t want to make new friends. I agreed to her And respected her privacy and her choice. But the thing is she is so beautiful, I just saw her for one time but she was amazing. It was attraction or something else I don’t know. But I know I can recognize her even in crowded place. I can forget my face now, but always remember her’s. After sometime of being seen by her. I texted her, “You look more beautiful when seen live.” I didn’t expected a reply but she did. She did recognize me. I was overwhelmed. I was happy that she knew me. I consider her an angel and I am just a normal human. I couldn’t expect more. We chatted a little bit for first time. She told me she is a reserved person. I asked her I would respect her privacy and her choice. She again chosen not to be my friend. But she is a nice girl with a soft heart. Honestly sparking I won’t say no to anyone who would want so much to be my friend. But yeah I was happy. I know how to let things go. I can’t give up on her. I would always be glad if she could have me as her friend. She is amazing indeed. Beautiful like snow white. I have a crush. Yeah she is that. But is it love?